Sharon Stone recalls how she experienced 9 miscarriages after Peta Margatroyd told about the losses during pregnancy


Discovery. Sharon Stone has revealed that she has had nine miscarriages over the years after “Dancing with the Stars” professional Peta Murgatroyd detailed her recent pregnancy losses.

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“We, as women, do not have a forum to discuss the depth of this loss,” the 64—year-old Oscar nominee wrote in an Instagram comment on Tuesday, June 21, on the People page. “I lost nine children due to a miscarriage. It’s not a small thing, physically or emotionally, but we are forced to feel that this is something that needs to be endured alone and secretly with some sense of failure.”

The “Casino” actress continued, “Instead of getting the much-needed compassion, empathy and healing we need so much. Women’s health and well-being, left in the care of male ideology, have become weak at best, ignorant in fact, and cruelly oppressive in efforts.”

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Stone’s comments were a response to a story about 35-year-old Murgatroyd, who recently revealed that she and her husband Maxim Chmerkovskiy had experienced three pregnancy losses in two years.

“I didn’t have the strength. I couldn’t open the dishwasher,” the New Zealand native said about her miscarriage in October 2021. “I couldn’t open the refrigerator to feed Shai, to make him toast. It got so bad that my breathing started to falter. It was really dramatic.”

Chmerkovskiy, 42, was filming in his native Ukraine at the time, which he said made him feel “helpless” because he couldn’t be near his wife. “Thanks to this experience, I’ve changed,” said the dancer, who has a five—year-old son, Shai, with Murgatroyd. “I think if you look around, you’ll find that most of your friends have had problems [with trying to conceive a child]. I realized that this is more common and it is not talked about.”

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Stone, for her part, has three adopted sons: Roan, 22, Laird, 17, and Quinn, 16. Although she never managed to get pregnant, the “Basic Instinct” star told how grateful she is that adoption allowed her to have the family she always wanted.

“Motherhood was not easy for me, but it came to me with love from angels,” she said in May 2017, accepting the Mother of the Year award from the Breast and Prostate Cancer Research Association. “We are a happy and happy family. This is our credo.”

Laird, who was 12 at the time, and Quinn, who was 10 at the time, also honored their mom in their performances. “My mom deserves this award. I love you, Mom,” Laird said at the time, and Quinn added, “She’s a loving, caring and wonderful person.”