Shark Can Be Slaughtered for Coronavirus Vaccine


Shark Allies, a US non-governmental organization, claimed that 250,000 sharks could be killed in coronavirus vaccination studies. The reason for this is squalene, which is extracted from shark liver oil.

The coronavirus, which has killed more than 1 million people worldwide, has still not been fully stopped. infecting more than 33 million people to be able to stop this epidemic of drug and vaccine studies conducted in many countries, including Turkey.

However, a very interesting claim has been made regarding vaccine development studies against this coronavirus. A non-governmental organization called Shark Allies, operating in the USA, claimed that 250 thousand sharks could be killed in coronavirus vaccine studies.

Are sharks in danger?

This organization, called Shark Allies, stated that a natural oil called ‘squalene’, made from the liver of sharks, is used as an auxiliary active ingredient in coronavirus vaccines. Stefanie Brendl, director of the non-governmental organization, said squalene was used to make many drugs, including already existing flu vaccines, and that hundreds of thousands of sharks could be killed for the coronavirus vaccine.

Brendl stated that the reason for using squalene in vaccines is that the powerful oils in the component increase the effect of immunity. Stefanie Brendl stated that this oil is also used in some existing coronavirus vaccine candidates.

It was stated that 250 thousand sharks should be slaughtered in the production of a dose of vaccine to be used for a single person if a coronavirus vaccine candidate using squalene substance is put on the market. “We do not intend to slow down or prevent vaccination efforts. But sharks are therefore not an efficient supply chain,” said Stefanie Brendl. Well, what do you think about this subject? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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