Sharing that highlights the OnePlus 9R gaming experience


OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has recently confirmed that the third member of the OnePlus 9 series will be officially named OnePlus 9R. A detailed explanation for the 9R, which also has 5G support, has not yet been received from OnePlus. However, a post by the company’s India office on Twitter gives clues about the design of the phone.

It is possible to see the silhouette of the OnePlus 9R in the photo. Still, it’s easy to see that the right edge of the phone is also home to a fingerprint scanner. It is seen in this image that there are two trigger keys to be used in games on the smartphone. This shows that OnePlus will highlight the gaming experience in the 9R.

It is not difficult to guess that these trigger keys are an accessory that can be attached to the phone. It is also unclear whether OnePlus will release other game accessories for the phone. There is no information about whether there will be another feature for mobile gaming experience on the phone.

The suitability of the trigger keys for use with the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro apart from the OnePlus 9R is also unclear. To get the answer to this question, it is necessary to wait for the promotional event to be held tomorrow.


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