Sharing for PlayStation 5 by Travis Scott


Famous Rapper Travis Scott shared a photo with PS5 joystick Dual Sense on his lap via Instagram. It seems like Sony prefers to post the PS5 to popular names before Twitch streamers or YouTubers.

The world-famous Rapper Travis Scott, who is very familiar with the name of the game world, may have managed to envy the gamers who are looking forward to the release of PlayStation 5 with his recent share on his Instagram account.

In the photo shared with the statement “I will play until the sun comes up”, there is a huge screen and a huge sound system in front of Scott. However, the main detail that makes the photo striking is the DualSense PS5 game handle on Scott’s lap.

Photo of Travis Scott with PS5 joystick DualSense on his lap

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I will be playing until the sun up

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It seems like Sony has already begun shipping PlayStation 5s to popular names for the promotion of its new console. Still, it’s an interesting preference that Sony sent a Rapper PS5 before YouTuber or Twitch streamers.

By the way, for those who do not know; Sony’s new game console PlayStation 5 release date to November 12 (19 November in Turkey) as announced. The standard version of PlayStation 5 with disc drive will cost $ 499, while the Digital Edition version without disc drive will cost $ 399….

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