Shari Whitfield teases drama with Drew Sidora in Season 14 of “RHOA”: I do not know her “from a can of paint”


Who will check it? Shari Whitfield’s return in “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was not without drama.

“And you can say something like, ‘Oh, my gosh, why did I say that?’… now they don’t think about cameras.”

The relationship between Shari and another housewife heated up, in particular, during the filming of the 14th season. “Drew, Drew, Drew,” the Ohio native said when asked about her relationship with Drew Sidora. “So I walk in, you know, I don’t know Drew from the paint can, and she’s, like, literally coming at me.”

In response, Shari explained that she told about one of her most famous RHOA moments when dealing with the 36-year-old actress: “I had to tell her, ‘Who’s going to check on me?’

“Like, girl, you can’t [follow me]. I’m not her. You can’t do that, honey,” the reality star continued. “It’s been going on all season. And finally, you know, we have reached the place [of the conflict].”

Drew, for her part, exclusively informed Us that she is not going to feud with Shari. “Shere and I, we just had a big misunderstanding. So [I] just tried to always get [us] back on the same page with this,” the That’s So Raven alum teased.

Despite the drama, Shari told us that this time she would like to focus on her friendship with other housewives. “Over the years, I’ve heard all the complaints that said, ‘Oh, it’s not that cool’ or ‘It’s too much drama.’ The girls are not friends, you can immediately see that they are not,” she recalls. “So when [Bravo] contacted me, I actually voiced these complaints that I had heard from other people. And they were literally on the same wavelength.”

She continued, “My idea was that we need to bring this back to where it came from [as]. We were a group of girls. We didn’t really know what we were doing… but we were friends. We had some drama, like, you know, any relationship. But at the end of the day, we had mutual respect for each other and we were friends.”

In addition to having to step away from the cameras to sort out “some personal stuff,” Shari felt the show had become “more focused on drama” than anything else. “After I talked to [the network] and they really came to an agreement… it worked great for me.”