Shares the details of the WhatsApp period message feature


WhatsApp is preparing to bring the periodic message feature to its users this month. Thanks to this feature, WhatsApp users will be able to automatically delete the posts in their chats with their friends within 7 days through the application. Everyone will be able to activate this feature in individual chats. In group chats, the authority will be with the administrators.

The statement made by WhatsApp on the subject includes the following statements: “The reason we started with 7 days is that we believe that this period is enough to show users that the chats are not permanent. In addition, it should not be forgotten what the chats are for. Sometimes there is a need to look at a shopping list or store addresses sent a few days ago. Therefore, a 7-day period seems optimal. ”

Photos and videos will also be deleted at the end of 7 days. Messages will also disappear from all parties’ screens. However, it’s worth mentioning that screenshots can be taken and the message copied.

WhatsApp will allow the periodical message feature to be activated on a person or group basis. In other words, this feature will be run separately for each person or group. When the feature is activated, it will be made available through the person or group information in WhatsApp. Previously sent messages will not be affected by this feature. The serial message feature will be distributed this month.


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