Shares Cryptocurrencies Held In Investors Basket


Popular cryptocurrency investor and analyst Josh Rager announced the updated cryptocurrency portfolio. The analyst explained to his followers the cryptocurrencies he held and why he held them.

Investor Josh Rager first stated that he always keeps Bitcoin (BTC) in his portfolio and makes up the majority of the portfolio of the leading cryptocurrency. In addition, Rager announced that altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), YF Link (YFL), Shroom Finance (SHROOM) are also in its portfolio.

Which Cryptocurrency Why Does It Hold?
Josh Rager explained to his followers which cryptocurrency he is holding and why on Telegram. Accordingly, the reasons for Rager to keep these cryptocurrencies in its basket are as follows:

  • BTC: Always makes up the majority of the portfolio
  • ETH: for Yield farming
  • ZEC: halving will take place in November
  • YFL – There will be Linkswap in October (Stake)
  • SHROOM: Gswap farming in October and Gameswap dex in November (here you can stake to earn dividends)
  • Tokens of Babel (TOB) / Yield Farming Known As Ash (YFKA) and RTC / SwapShip (SWSH): For Yield Farming.
  • ASTRO and DEXT: To access graphical tools
    Rager used the following statements:

“I have made profits from other cryptocurrencies, and these are things I hold for a purpose. In fact, I still have a few small entities to farming with, and during this time I will continue to look for yield farming to generate passive income with farming. ”

“Do Whatever Is Best For You”

Analyst Josh Rager also made important warnings to his followers. Rager stated that he continues to bullish thinking on these cryptocurrencies, but if Bitcoin pulls back, all of them can be withdrawn. Rager said he believed he was still in a bull market, but there was a risk of assets retracting.

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However, according to Rager, the months of November and December may go well. Rager used the following statements:

“You don’t need to do or keep it just because I am on the rise in YFL or Shroom over the long term. I think Shroom will hit new heights in October / November, but that’s my opinion because I will probably continue to last longer. YFL likewise, even with LINKSWAP, reaching $ 1,800 right now will be a huge success. With the basics of rise, we could go much higher, but we may not see a new rise in YFL until next year. “


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