SHAREit app has flaws that compromise user safety


The popular SHAREit application, used to share different types of files between devices, has several security flaws, which could put personal data stored on the user’s phone at risk. This is what a report released on Monday (15) by Trend Micro points out.

Security experts at the Japanese company have found vulnerabilities in the app that can be exploited both to leak sensitive data and to allow arbitrary code to run, allowing malicious software to be installed, for example, without the victim’s consent.

As demonstrated by the cybersecurity company, these flaws can give third parties the opportunity to remotely control the app, allowing them to perform actions such as reading and writing to the smartphone’s internal memory, downloading files and installing any APK on the device, depending on the form of exploitation.

Trend Micro also reported that it reported serious bugs to the app’s developers three months ago, but so far has not received a response from them nor has the bug fix been made. Responsible for the Play Store, where the program has more than 1 billion downloads to date, Google has also been informed of the problems.

Safety recommendations

In view of the non-correction of the vulnerabilities and the large number of users that can be affected by these types of attacks, a good measure is to uninstall the application as soon as possible, until it is updated and corrected, starting to use a safer alternative of app to share files.

Among the options is Google’s Files, which performs similar functions in sharing files between Android devices and is available for free download.

Originally developed by Lenovo, SHAREit is now owned by another company. It also has versions for iOS, Windows and Mac, totaling about 1.8 billion users in all.