How to share Globoplay? Learn how to add dependents to your account


Sharing the Globoplay account is a simple task, as the service allows the subscriber to add four more people. In this way, the five profiles now have access to all content on the platform by paying a single subscription, which currently costs R $ 22.90 per month. After being included in the account, all members will be able to watch their favorite programs independently, with their respective e-mails and without interfering with the transmission of other screens. Check out how to share Globoplay with your family below. To perform the procedure, it is necessary that each guest has an active free Globo Account.

Step 1. Open Globoplay ( and click on your profile photo. Then, select “My Account”;

Step 2. On the settings page, click on “View payments”;

Step 3. In the Subscriptions section, click on the arrow corresponding to Globoplay;

Step 4. Locate the “Globoplay Family Account” section and click “Edit”;

Step 5. To add a member, click on the “+” icon. Note that you can add up to four people;

Step 6. Enter the guest’s email and click “Send”;

Step 7. At this point, the guest must open their e-mail and click on the button “Accept the invitation”. It will be automatically directed to Globoplay and, from then on, you will be able to access all streaming subscriber content.

How to remove a guest from the Globoplay Family Account
Step 1. Click on the trash can icon corresponding to the desired member and confirm the action on the “Remove” button.

Take advantage of the tip to share Globoplay with family or friends.

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