Shaq Accused Logan Paul Of Jeffrey Dahmer Glasses


YouTube star Logan Paul met with the legendary Shaquille O’Neal for an episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast, where he was mercilessly roasted by a former professional player.

Logan Paul became the biggest guest of his career along with Shaq on the October 5 episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast.

The famous 7-foot-1 athlete sat down with Logan, George Yankos and Mike Mailak to discuss his life as a former NBA star and current sports analyst… but the conversation was constantly interrupted by Shaq’s hilarious jokes.

To begin with, Shak couldn’t help but fry Paul’s “short shorts” by asking the YouTuber to “clamp his legs” when talking to him.

Shaq mercilessly fried Logan Paul in IMPAULSIVE podcast

“Do me a favor, close your legs when you talk to me,” Shaq joked, before repeating Paul’s pose right in front of George Yankos. “Do you see him?”

“Wow, man! You almost slapped me in the face with your dick!” George joked.

Shaq was ready for jokes all evening, even comparing the transparent frames of Logan’s glasses with the frames of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, the hero of the scandalous Netflix show.

“Why do you look more like Dad than Shaq?” co-host Mike Mailak asked Logan.

— Are these glasses? Logan asked. “These are new ones.”

“I know, I’ve seen Jeffrey Dahmer’s joints,” Shaq replied slyly, drawing laughter from the entire audience.

“What the hell is going on?” Logan laughed. “What did I do wrong?”

“You’ve been watching Netflix,” Shaq retorted. “Me too. I’m on episode six right now.”

Of course, these were far from the only jokes that Shaq had; in fact, his first words on the show were: “So much money that you earn, and you can’t get a bigger stage?”

It’s clear that Shaq enjoyed spending time on Logan Paul’s podcast, and the crew could make jokes while continuing to discuss more serious topics and stories from O’Neal’s life.


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