Shannon Sharp: The 2022 offseason has damaged Kevin Durant’s legacy


It’s been an offseason of chaos for Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets, so much so that Tight end Hall and “undisputed” personality Shannon Sharp believes it has damaged KD’s legacy.

“He was at Golden State, winning championship after championship, Finals MVP after Finals MVP, and he wasn’t happy,” Sharp explained. “If he wasn’t happy with his victory, where the hell else could he go and be happy?”

“…He’s going to Brooklyn with the team he helped put together, and when things didn’t go the way he thought, he was ready to help out. It’s a terrible view for him…┬áThis is a bad move for all time. Kevin Durant, you need to find peace, bro. It says a lot about Durant that if something doesn’t go the way he wants, he hopes to make a move.”

On Tuesday, Durant and the Nets kissed and reconciled, and general manager Sean Marks released a statement saying the two sides would move forward together in their quest to create a championship team in Brooklyn.:

Yesterday, Steve Nash and I, along with Joe Tsai and Clara Wu Tsai, met with Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman in Los Angeles. We have agreed to further develop our partnership. We are focused on basketball with one common goal: to create a solid franchise to bring Brooklyn a championship.

But, according to Sharpe, the damage may have already been done.


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