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Shannon from Lima pregnant! And there are pictures: James Rodriguez dad!


James Rodriguez does not have enough. Despite having a six-year-old girl, Salome, the result of her previous marriage, with Daniela Ospina, last September she gave birth to a new baby, through a rental belly. In this case, he was a boy and his name was Samuel, who is enjoying his first Christmas, and is barely a few months old. And beware of the news that Venezuela, Colombia and Spain are shaking, because many media do not bite their tongues by stating that, indeed, there will soon be a third party, because their current partner, Shannon de Lima, would be pregnant.

He would be the first child of the relationship, and the second for the Venezuelan, who also has a 12 year old boy. And to affirm it, they use several images in which you can see the ex-Puerto Rican artist Marc Anthony or Mexican boxer Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez posing in somewhat strange ways, and touching his belly as if there were life inside. Logically, the rumor took just a few minutes to run like gunpowder and reach the ears of all his followers, who were stunned to hear the news, because they gave no credit.

And best of all, for the moment, neither James nor Shannon have issued any statement denying, although not confirmed, speculation. It seems that there will be a topic of conversation for a while …

“I can’t believe it, the news of the day, and of the month!”, “What a way to end the year, my mother”, “This James, if you barely have time to see your daughter, how will another “,” People of money no longer know what to do “,” I find it hard to believe that Shannon is going to accept being on tape all summer “or” Well, it seems that he is very serious “was read in comments.



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