Shanna Moakler is in a “Really Great Place” with Ex-Husband Travis Barker


Keep things cordial. Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker have reached the friendly stage of their relationship with their parents after previously bumping heads.

The Rhode Island native welcomed son Landon, now 18, and daughter Alabama, now 16, with member Blink-182, 46, before their split in 2008. She and ex-fiance Oscar De La Hoya also have a daughter together, Atiana, 23, with whom Barker maintains a close relationship.

Although Moakler accused the drummer’s partner, Kourtney Kardashian, of driving a “wedge” between her and her children in May 2021, she told us on Friday that her previous comments were “not the best statement.”

The actress explained, “At some point [his relationship] really affected my relationship with my kids, but my kids and I are in an amazing place. We have a great relationship with each other. …I have been a very active mother for the last two decades. My children and I are in excellent condition.”

Barker and 43-year-old Kardashian made their romance public in January 2021, and got engaged nine months later. In anticipation of the Grammy nominee’s proposal in October 2021, Moakler announced that she does not talk to her children.

However, by November 2021, the former Playboy model was reunited with her son. “My love,” she captioned an Instagram Story selfie with Landon at the time. The former Miss USA also shared a photo with Alabama three months later.

Teenagers are now “proud” of Moakler, as she told us in February after her participation in the Celebrity Big Brother program.

“It was one of the things I was most hoping to do,” the former Bridalplasty host explained at the time. “Their dad is a rock star and they travel the world with him and see him on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, so I thought it was really cool that my kids saw me on TV doing something really fun and funny.” out of the box.”

Currently, Moakler is “proud” of his work as a director and producer of the Miss Nevada pageant on May 14 and 15, as well as the Miss Utah pageant on May 27 and 28.

“I’ve worked with thousands and thousands of young women over the last decade,” Moakler said on Friday about upcoming events, noting that all participants will be wearing Miraclesuit, Magicsuit and Skinny Dippers swimwear. “I had the opportunity to really change their lives and attract these young girls into their communities and do community service. They get all these incredible opportunities.”