Shanna Moakler can understand “why people were provoked” by her relationship drama with Matthew Rondo


Almost two months after Matthew Rondo was arrested following an alleged altercation with Shanna Moakler, she shares what she learned.

“I am a mother, and I want my children, and especially my daughters, to see in me a strong woman who has a sense of self-worth and self-respect, and I want my son to see it too.”

Moakler has been dating the 29-year-old model since 2020. Rondo made headlines in February when she shared a disturbing video via the former Bridalplasty host’s Instagram account, claiming she was fixated on ex-husband Travis Barker and was sleeping in another man’s house. the house the night before. (The former pageant queen was married to drummer Blink-182, 46, from 2004 to 2008, and they have a son, Landon, 18, and a daughter, Alabama, 16. She is also the mother of 23-year-old Atiana De La Hoya, with whom she shares with ex Oscar De La Hoya.)

“So it’s over, K? Oh my God, damn it, so sign me up now because it’s done,” the Murder Party actor said in a recently deleted Instagram video. “I’m fucked up. I’m never going to talk to that fucking specimen of a fucking person again. The truth is, I found out she was talking to other damn people the whole time we were in a relationship.”

Although Moakler has since denied Rondo’s accusations, he was arrested for domestic violence shortly after the video was posted. According to a police report obtained by Us, Rondo grabbed the former pageant queen by the hair, threw a chair at her and urinated on her, leaving visible wounds. He spent six hours in jail before being released and then kicked out of Moakler’s house. The Meet the Barkers alum later received a week-long emergency protective order.

The couple’s relationship status made headlines in March after they were spotted together in Rhode Island.

“I’m free. Matthew and I are not together, but we remain cordial. I think he and I love each other very much,” the Rhode Island native told us on Friday. “I love him very, very much. He’s someone I’ve been with for two years, and, you know, obviously we had a very public incident that put us both in an awkward position. None of us are proud of it.”

Moakler acknowledged that each of them received help after the incident, admitting that Rondo is “not a monster” but rather struggles with attention. However, she noted that at the moment she “doesn’t even think” about a potential romantic reunion.

“I don’t think it’s a pattern we’d ever want to repeat,” she told Us. “You can’t just turn off your feelings and emotions. …I hope that one day we can look back and say, “OK, wow, we learned something from this and were able to get better.”

She continued, “I’m just personally working on myself to become the best version of myself, and I think dating for me is just postponed and obviously focused on my career and just on an emotional level.”

Although the mother of three is not ready to return to the dating game yet, she has been focused on hosting her upcoming contests. Moakler is the director and producer of the Miss Nevada USA and Miss Utah USA contests, which take place on May 14-15 and May 27-28, respectively.

“I am very, very proud of this, because over the past decade I have worked with thousands and thousands of young women,” she said of her new role, noting that all participants will be wearing Miraclesuit, Magicsuit and Skinny Dippers swimwear. . “I’ve had the opportunity to really change their lives and bring these young girls into their communities and do community service, and they’re getting all these incredible opportunities.”