Shanna Kress in the cast of the season of Marseillais?


The next season of the Marseillais has finally been planned! And the cast is already bugging Internet users! Shanna Kress will she be there?

Although the current season of the Marseillais vs the rest of the world is not yet over, the shooting of the next season has finally been decided!

Eh yes ! So imagine that it will take place in two parts. First in Dubai, then in Monaco. A great first! The Instagram account @ lesmarseillaisvsrdm5_ therefore unveiled the news:

“The filming of the Marseillais is quite complicated to set up for the moment, but I have a scoop. It will therefore take place in Monaco ”.

For the next season of the Marseillais, you will therefore find Jessica Thivenin, Thibaut Garcia, Manon Tanti and Julien Tanti. But also Benjamin Samat. All of them already live in Dubai.

They will be joined by Maeva Ghennam who decided to settle in this city after being attacked with knives. And that’s not all !


There could also be Marine and Océane El Himer. Illan, Angèle, Greg. And Paga, Eloise and Nacca. And according to rumors, Shanna Kress could be there too!

Eh yes ! There are rumors from the halls that Rawell would also be there. And Stéphanie Durant. Shanna Kress therefore decided to respond to this rumor… Indirectly!

And for good reason ! Shanna Kress liked the post with the following Instagram post: “SCOOP: Rawell Saiidii & Shanna should be filming the next one. And the 10th anniversary season of the Marseillais which will begin at the beginning of next week! We will have the right to reunite with Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin ”

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One thing is certain, Internet users are eager to learn more! Shanna Kress’s return could add some ambiance to the villa. And Jessica Thivenin could react well to this arrival!


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