Shanks on Dragon Ball FighterZ in Spain


The Spanish player, part of the Vodafone Giants and Red Bull team, reflects on the present and future of the Arc System Works title in our country.

Shanks is one of the most recognizable names on the fighting games scene in Spain; especially in Dragon Ball FighterZ. It is on its own merits. His participation in EVO 2019, where he signed a historical Top-4, as well as the victory in many national and international tournaments and recurring presence in the final phases, have elevated Joan ‘Shanks’ Namay to a prestigious position. Recently, the Red Bull and Vodafone Giants player visited the Red Bull Gaming Mixtape video game show to reflect on the role of the Spanish scene.

“People were freaking out with the fans and the public. I am very happy with that “

Professional athlete, his seniority allows him to have a global vision of Spain compared to other countries on the globe. “In general, in the other communities, whether American, Japanese or European, they are amazed by the number of people and the type of hobby we have, which is loved.” In fact, he believes that the current position of Spain is no coincidence, it has been carved over time by both players and the zeal of the fans in person and online. There is a public that demands these tournaments.

“In Spain we have earned our space in Dragon Ball FighterZ”. Shanks recalls that “recently the event that took place here [in Madrid] of the Saga of Red Bull Dragon Ball FighterZ, which was a world-class tournament in which Americans, Japanese and from everywhere came, that people were freaking out with the fans and the public. I’m very happy with that. “

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