Shanique and Randall from The Ultimatum Reflect on How They Watched Each Other’s Date with Zay, Madlyn


It’s one thing to present an ultimatum, but it’s another thing to observe the consequences.

After joining the Netflix show, Shanik lived with Zay Wilson for three weeks, and Randall moved in with Madeline Ballatori. At the end of the trial marriages, the original couples are reunited.

“I was really shocked by how easy it was for Randall to date someone else,” Shanik told Us. “Of course, I’ve never seen him dating anyone else besides me, but even then, I mean, we started out as friends, so it was a very, kind of slow progress towards romance. …Or, as he said, for example, to be really vulnerable and emotional about certain things.”

She added that she was “very surprised” to see his connection with Madeline, who joined the show with boyfriend Colby Kissinger.

“I thought:”Wow,” [at how] instantly they were just able to open up to each other,” Shanik continued. “And I think part of it has to do with how the experience is structured.”

Randall added that the most difficult thing for him was watching Shanique with Zay from afar in real time.

“Every day we all had different topics to talk about — what we want to talk about, things we could work on internally, as well as our relationships, so that whoever this person turns out to be with becomes better,” he said. . “So, just seeing Shanik and Zay together, obviously, the jealous bone works. …I think the hardest part was seeing her laugh and smile, [like], “What are you smiling [about] there? That was the hardest part, just seeing her enjoying herself with someone else, because you don’t want to think about it.”

The first season of Ultimatum is being broadcast on Netflix. Fans will have to tune in to the finale and reunion to see where Shanik and Randall are right now.