Shania Twain “plans” to collaborate with Harry Styles: “I will keep Harry in this”


Shania Twain says she looks forward to working with Harry Styles in the future.

The announcement came after the pair teamed up earlier this year during Styles’ performance at the Coachella 2022 festival in April. During the cameo, Shania joined Styles on stage to perform her hits “Man! I feel like a woman!” and “You’re still the only one.”

Speaking to Extra, Twain said she hopes the on-stage collaboration can lead to a studio connection between the pair in the future.

After saying that there will be “no collaboration on [my] new album,” Twain said, “In the future, I would say yes. I’m going to talk Harry into it.

“I think we surprised each other [by] how natural it was [at Coachella]. So I plan to do it.”

Earlier this week, Twain spoke about her experience with COVID, saying that she had been “touched” by the virus for a while. The country singer detailed what happened while she had the virus in an interview with the BBC about her documentary “Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl,” which follows the creation of her sixth album.

In an interview, she talks about recording a song called “What are you going to do with this air?”, and later says that the track is about “anxiety due to lack of air”.

Twain explained: “I had a very severe attack of COVID, with COVID pneumonia, and it was very fast. I felt like, “Oh my God, I just need to breathe.”

In a review of Not Just A Girl , NME magazine wrote: “You won’t leave feeling like Shania Twain has bared her soul, but you will have renewed respect for the talent, vision and hard work that made her an era-defining artist.”


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