Shane Jansen of Love Is Blind says He and Natalie Lee recently tried dating again: “Now I’m fed up”


Let everything out. The graduate of the series “Love is blind” Shane Jansen interviewed Nick Viall, and he did not hide his time in the Netflix series.

The Chicago native, 32, detailed where he is with ex-fiancee Natalie Lee on Wednesday, March 30, on the episode of the podcast “The Viall Files”, saying that he and the 29-year-old consulting manager met several times after filming was completed. .

“After the show, we reconnected four times,” the real estate agent told the 41—year-old former Bachelor leader. “We tried four times—most recently, last weekend.” Shane apparently had the weekend of March 26 in mind, as he recorded an episode of the podcast on Tuesday, March 29.

Shane and Natalie were one of five couples who walked down the aisle in the second season of “Love is Blind,” which premiered last month. They broke up on their wedding day after an off-camera fight made Natalie change her mind about walking down the aisle. Although they initially seemed to be on good terms after filming, Shane hinted that their relationship had deteriorated recently.

“Some things have happened in the last couple of days and it’s like I’m sick of it already,” he explained on the podcast. After Nick suggested that Natalie might be unhappy after listening to the interview, Shane replied that it was all right. “It makes me sick that she goes unpunished,” he added.

However, a few days later, an insider informed us that the former couple were no longer friends with each other. “They are not on good terms right now,” the source explained. “They didn’t communicate and stopped subscribing to each other on social networks.”

According to Shane, some tension arose because of his past relationship with Shaina Hurley. The 32-year-old hairdresser had feelings for Shane in the second season even after she got engaged to Kyle Abrams, but nothing romantic happened between the couple. Earlier this month, Us confirmed that she is engaged to boyfriend Chris Lardakis.

“[Natalie and I] were talking yesterday, and… she calls me a disgusting person and stuff like that,” Shane said. “She still can’t forget about Shine.”

After the podcast was shut down, Natalie responded to Shane’s claims in a lengthy post posted to her Instagram stories. “We met twice after our wedding, not four times,” she wrote. “We met recently to discuss the possibility of reconciliation, but eventually agreed not to meet until he changes some of his habits.”

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