Shane Beamer unhappy with Reporter’s question after Georgia loss


South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer turned to a reporter after Saturday’s 48-7 loss to the first-ranked Georgia State.

When asked if he felt any “give up” in the locker room, Beamer replied, “Hell no!”

“Of course not!” said the Gamecocks coach. “What kind of question is that, Phil? We are 1-2. We are 1-2, and we have a bunch of fighters in this room. And “give up”…it’s not part of this football. program. Get out of here, man.”

SC could do almost nothing against Georgia, which outscored the Gamecocks by more than 200 yards and scored with incredible efficiency.

If there’s any silver lining, South Carolina did score the first touchdown of the season against a Georgia defense that hasn’t given up one yet in two weeks and three quarters.

Shane Beamer’s team will get a chance to even the score in a home game against Charlotte next Saturday.


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