Shakira at the Super Bowl: her tongue movement goes viral


Shakira was talked about at the Super Bowl! The latter made a special performance … with its language!

Emily Ratajkowski and her sweetheart were not the only ones to have caused a sensation at the Super Bowl! Shakira made a performance that caused a lot of attention!

This Sunday February 2 at the Super Bowl, Shakira gave a concert! She thus sang in front of several million people! This performance marked the spirits! And for good reason, the beautiful Colombian made a surprising tongue movement! Indeed, the singer and Jennifer Lopez gave an unforgettable show!

The 43-year-old singer caught the eye! She therefore made a language movement commented by many Internet users! ” My sleep paralysis demon at 4:40 am” comments Saint Hoax, an account that does the same on Insta. ” Me when I kiss a girl for the first time,” writes actor Nick Lehmann. Or “ Me in front of my mirror when I’m drunk like never before but I want to convince myself that I’m fine . ” Captains a surfer on Twitter .

Also, following Lady Gaga’s jump or even the laudatory photos of Beyoncé, Shakira’s turn! The video of the beautiful went around the canvas ! The reactions of Internet users do not stop! Last year, it was Maroon 5 who provided the show! This benefit had been seen by more than 98 million people. Thus, many of them have noticed the detail of the Shakira show!

So, for a few seconds, Shakira makes a surprising tongue movement! On the video, we see her move her tongue very quickly from top to bottom . This therefore surprised by her embarrassing and sexual character at the same time. Jackson Rickun also commented on this show by comparing it with: ” babies who eat a lemon for the first time “. We let you discover the video!


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