Shakira Responds With Songs to the Pastor’s Complaint by The Super Bowl


Will you dance it? Shakira responds with songs to the pastor’s complaint by the Super Bowl. The pop singer will make the American even more angry.

“El Levante” is a podcast and radio program originally from Colombia and in the entertainment section, Shakira could not be missed .

It is public knowledge at the end of the part-time Super Bowl show of the renowned singer with JLo, a spectator was offended with it.

The statement of an American pastor came to light after claiming that he would denounce the National Football League (NFL) for a show by the Colombian and “La Diva del Bronx”.

Alluding to out of tune scenes, Dave Daubenmire will make his discharge for the annoyance caused by the interpreter of “Hips Don’t Lie” and “One more night”, respectively.

That is why since “El levante” during the segment of a guest known as “The Seer,” they referred to what “Shakira” would say about the situation.

With a lot of humor, a fictional interview with the native of Barranquilla developed in the program and when asked about the possible complaint, “she” answered.

However, “the answers” were fragments of her hits, so the laughs were not lacking during the day. Now the question is: What will the true international artist say ?


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