Shakira raises her shirt too much to show you what you never saw


The photo that nobody saw: Shakira raises her shirt too much to show you what you never saw. An image of the singer began to circulate in the networks that you will not be able to see.

Shakira does not rest, the success pursues her and now she goes for more, this will be a great week for her that she will live a fact that never happened to her in her career, for the first time she will release a movie in the cinema.

We talked about the film “Shakira in concert”, which will be released throughout Spain on Wednesday, November 13. It will be about the El Dorado World Tour that took place last year and, among other details, we can see how Shakira spent one of the worst moments of her career.

Especially when the artist had to suspend the tour due to problems with her vocal cords. In one of the scenes of the movie, she reveals that her son asked the Magi to speak again.

In addition, the lucky ones who have already obtained the entrance, will be able to observe and fully enjoy the best moments of the singer above the stage, where she delighted her audience with her huge hip dances, wearing suggestive, tight and revealing models, with the which presumed her figure.

Some fans anxious and with enough information about the film, have been responsible for spreading an image of the tape on the networks in which you can see the coffee maker on the track, in front of a microphone with the shirt too raised, leaving the view what’s underneath, showing off your abs in the best JLo style.

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