Shady Part Of Me: Analysis; Light and shadow puzzles


We analyze Shady Part Of Me, an attractive combination of platform and puzzle game with an excellent dream setting and highly original light and shadow mechanics.

Shady Part Of Me is the title with which the small independent French studio based in Paris Douze Dixièmes makes its debut, founded in 2017 by only 7 members. For their debut feature they have opted for a more than interesting hybrid of platforms and puzzles, with a dreamlike setting and a very attractive development. The combination of its original proposal, its careful setting, peculiar narrative and great artistic direction has enchanted us and offers us a very enjoyable and attractive title. The video game at hand uses a fresh combination of shadows and lights, and 2d platforms combined with three-dimensional advancement to offer us a development that mixes jumps and light puzzles. For the occasion we will have two protagonists, who we will control independently and whose management we can alternate at any time of the game. Together they must overcome a series of dreamlike and surreal levels whose staging and excellent artistic direction have conquered us.

A story of overcoming

As we have already commented, in the title we will handle two protagonists: a girl and her shadow. Together they will have to go through a series of chapters, which although at certain times it seems that they take place in a sort of internment center or hospital, they will always display a surreal and dreamlike setting that means that at first we do not really know where we are or what is happening exactly. As we play, we will discover what happens, as we help our protagonists to overcome their fears and the barriers that make them complex. Shady Part of Me tells a story of overcoming and fighting against our own limits, and it does so in a way that we have found excellent.

The narrative uses a series of pop-up messages on the screen and voices that appear as we go along, so that the story is told in a very peculiar way. We have loved the effect that this achieves, and the immersion point it brings to the video game. All this would not work as well without the superb work of localization to our language carried out, whose quality is not usual to find in a small independent title like this, even with a powerful editor behind it like Focus Interactive. All the texts on the screen are translated and integrated perfectly in the title, something vital given its importance in the narrative. The Spanish dubbing work of each and every one of the voices is exceptional, with fantastic performances that marry wonderfully with what they are trying to convey. Chapó for study and distributor for a job of localization to our market from which many companies should learn.