Shadowman unites Valiant’s Mystical Heroes in Book of Shadows (exclusive preview)


The supernatural defenders of the Valiant universe are teaming up to stop a terrifying threat in the upcoming Book of Shadows event, based on recent events in Shadow Man. Fans of Valiant paranormal heroes will be glad to know that Screen Rant has an exclusive look at the art from the series.

Valiant Entertainment is home to a legion of heroes, but none of them has the same experience fighting demons from the ghostly and terrifying Dead Side as Jack Boniface, also known as the Shadow Man. However, he is not the only hero who helped protect the world from evil loa and powerful necromancers. Valiant also has a paranormal researcher Dr. Mirage and a swamp dweller, an ally of the Shadowman Punk Mambo. Being the Fist and Steel of the Earth, even the longest-lived Valiant hero, the Eternal Warrior, helped to contain the evil forces of the Dead Side. Now, for the first time, these heroes will have to unite to stop a threat greater than any of them could defeat alone.

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In the upcoming issue of The Book of Shadows, Shadowman will team up with Dr. Mirage, Punk Mambo, Eternal Warrior and newcomer Persephone to stop the threatening forces of Exarch Fein. In an exclusive message, Screen Rant is waiting for a rush of fans at the upcoming special event. The preview shows how the Shadow Man and Persephone from Valiant burst onto the stage to prevent a werewolf from killing a little girl. Even for werewolves, there’s something wrong with an attacking monster. But whatever happens to the lycanthrope, the Shadowman is here to save the day. The first issue from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Vicente Cifuentes will sell for $3.99.

Fans are really waiting for the Book of Shadows, not only because of the threat level and crossover, but also because it will unite the characters like never before, turning the Shadow Man, The Eternal Warrior, Punk Mambo and Doctor Mirage into an official team. Along with the killer interior art, fans can also expect some amazing covers for Book of Shadows. Among the options is an incentive cover in 1/250 scale with glass treatment, a background of glossy black vinyl and an image made in black UV ink. Enjoy a summary of the release below, as well as covers from Rafael Albuquerque, Adam Gorham, Travis Escarfulleri and Kelly Jones.

The shadow man. The eternal warrior. Punk Mambo. Dr. Mirage. The supernatural defenders of the Valiant Universe unite for the first time to confront a terrifying ancient threat: Exarch Fane. No one is safe, as a formidable enemy keeps his cold hands in the Book of Shadows.

The Book of Shadows is a supernatural blockbuster that forms an entirely new team in the Valiant universe… but will they be enough to stop Fein’s wrath?


It’s interesting to see where Cullen Bunn plans to take the Valiant universe after his phenomenal work on the Shadowman book, which had an epic “War on the Dead Side” storyline. It is equally interesting to see what the artist Vicente Cifuentes has prepared for this creepy, epoch-defining team. Valiant Entertainment is gaining momentum after calling 2022 the Year of Valor, and the Book of Shadows event still looks like an increase in the level of opportunities in this shared universe, as well as an epic demonstration of the breakthrough of the Shadow Man hero.