Shadow Warrior 3 shares a 17 minute gameplay trailer


Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital present a new extended trailer with gameplay from their frenzied and brutal shooter; Comes to PC in 2021.

Following the launch of Shadow Warrior 3 at Devolver Digital’s recent digital event, its creators, Flying Wild Hog, have shared several trailers offering a fleeting glimpse of their new and ruthless first-person shooter that puts us back in the shoes of the exsogun. Lo Wang. Now, we can enjoy a new extended trailer of no more and no less than 17 minutes of brutal and “glorious” gameplay and that you can see heading this news.

Confirmed for PC in 2021

Thus, and thanks to this new and generous video clip, we can already get an idea of ​​what Shadow Warrior 3 has in store for us, raising the frantic and bloody game formula of the previous installments to the maximum power. And it is that the choreography of bullets, blows, blows and explosions sprinkled with liters and liters of blood result in one of the most spectacular trailers in the recent panorama of the video game.

Not surprisingly, Lo Wang seems to be more fit than ever, jumping through scenarios with various heights full of enemies, each more terrifying and dangerous than the previous one with designs that surely will not leave anyone indifferent. Furthermore, the weapons within our reach are as surprising as they are effective, wreaking havoc among the enemy ranks.

The staging, on the other hand, enhances this orgy of violence and shooting thanks to a highly cinematic treatment of the action, including spectacular cinematic introductory scenes for the toughest foes.

Shadow Warrior 3 does not yet have a definitive release date, although it is expected to hit PC at least sometime in 2021; however, it is very likely that it will also reach consoles, that is, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.


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