Shadow and Bones: trailer invites fans to join Grishaverse


Netflix released the official trailer for its new original series, Shadow and Bones. The production is an adaptation of the bestsellers of the author Leigh Bardugo and promises to be successful with its history and special effects.

In the video, we are introduced to Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), a young woman who has the power to cast light and may be the answer to ending the Shadowfold. The heroine begins training with other magical soldiers, known as Grisha, to better master her skill.

Another character that has an important highlight in the trailer is General Kirigan (Ben Barnes), who decides to take care of Alina and becomes her mentor.

History of Shadow and Bones

The series follows the orphan Alina Starkov. In a war-torn world, the protagonist discovers that she possesses extraordinary power, capable of liberating her country. With the terrible threat of the Shadowfold ever closer, the heroine is pulled out of everything she knows to train with an army of magical soldiers.

While struggling to improve her power, Alina discovers that her friends and enemies can be the same and that things are not what they seem. Among dangerous forces on all sides, the young woman will realize that it takes more than magic to survive.

Sombras e Ossos will premiere on April 23 on Netflix.


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