Shadow and Bone Season 2 Teases History and New Location in BTS Video


The cast of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone series offers an exciting second season update in a new behind-the-scenes video of the series. The action of the fantasy drama based on the novels of Lee Bardugo “Grishavers” takes place in a universe consisting of six different peoples inspired by different cultures and traditions that were separated by war. Shadow & Bone focuses on Alina Starkova, an orphaned cartographer from the First Army of the Ravka People, who discovers that she has extraordinary magical abilities that can liberate her country, and is trained to become part of a magical army known as Grisha to fight Shadow Canyon.

Jesse Mae Lee leads the cast of Shadow and Bone as Alina along with Archie Reno, Freddie Carter, Amina Suman, Keith Young, Ben Barnes, Zoey Wanamaker, Lewis Tan, Patrick Gibson, Anna Leong Brophy, Jack Wolf and Daisy Head. The adaptation of Bardugo’s novels was first announced in early 2019, when Eric Heisserer of Arrival was appointed showrunner, creator and executive producer along with Sean Levy through his 21 Laps Entertainment banner. The premiere of the film “Shadow & Bone”, which premiered in early 2021, received mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. Soon after, it received an extension for a second season, and now fans of the series are getting an exciting update.

As part of the Geeked Week of the streaming platform, Netflix has released a special BTS video of the second season of Shadow & Bone. The video shows how the cast of the fantasy drama series show that the production of the second season is officially over, as they answer several questions, telling the story of the new season and a key new location.

The actors have confirmed that filming of the second season of “Shadows and Bones” has ended, almost five months after star David Wurava confirmed on his social media that production of the new season of the Netflix show has begun. Over the past months, several major actors have been added to the cast, including “Mortal Kombat” star Lewis Tan as Tolya Yul-Bataar, the twin brother of Tamar Kir-Batar from Anna Leong Brophy, who are the Grisha Heartbeats in the original Bardugo novels. Tan has previously teased the insane heights the new season of the show will rise to, and keeps his tongue in his cheek with the BTS season 2 video of Shadow & Bone when he describes the new season as “heartbreaking.”

The biggest takeaway from the BTS season 2 video of Shadow & Bone will undoubtedly be teasing the cast with the new location of Hellgate. In Bardugo’s novels, the Ketterdam Hellgate Prison plays a vital role in Mathias’ transformation into a more violent being after he endured inhumane acts there for a year after Nina accused him of being a slave trader, hoping to keep him from being captured by Fjordane. Filming of season 2 of Shadows and Bones has already been completed, and the creative team is used to remote post-production work after season 1, so fans of the series should look forward to the release date of season 2 in the near future.