Shadow And Bone: Destinies Announced for Netflix Games


During the Geeked Weekend Summer Game Fest event, Netflix announced that a new game based on the Shadow and Bone series, Shadow and Bone: Destinies, is currently being developed. Netflix has recently expanded into games, offering mobile game titles as part of its membership. The service is focused on mobile platforms and supports Android and iOS devices through the Netflix app.

The series “Shadow and Bone” is a TV adaptation based on the popular novels of Lee Bardugo, an author known for such works as “Six Crows” and “Crooked Kingdom”. The series, which first aired on April 23, 2021, features such popular actors as Ben Barnes, who plays General Kirigan, and Jessie Mae Lee as Alina Starkova. The show is great for fans of fantasy storylines and adventure adventures, and the same narrative premise could be great for a video game adaptation.

Netflix announced the upcoming Shadow and Bone: Destinies game for mobile devices during a live broadcast of Geeked Weekend via TheGameAwards YouTube, one of the many events included in Summer Game Fest 2022. Players will have the opportunity to take on the role of their favorite characters from the series. and novels and embark on new adventures in the Grisha universe. The game will be a narrative RPG with elements of roguelike, based on the popular characters of the series. The game has a beautiful two-dimensional illustrative style, bright and colorful compared to the harsh appearance characteristic of the show.

This isn’t the first time Netflix has turned one of its series into a game. Stranger Things: The Game was released for mobile devices back in 2017, and in 2019 it was followed by Stranger Things 3: The Game. In addition to special releases, the popular sci-fi horror franchise has also collaborated with other well-known games, including the content of “Very Strange Things” in Dead by Daylight, Rocket League, Fortnite and others. If successful, Shadow and Bone: Destinies may follow suit, and other games and crossovers may be released in the future.

Although it is too early to say how close the events of “Shadows and Bones: Destinies” will remain to the main plot points of the books and the series “Shadow and Bone”, we hope that fans of both will find a reliable and interesting adaptation of the series to explore. The announcement of the game takes place simultaneously with the announcement of the second season of “Shadows and Bones”, which means that in the coming months there will be many new ways to enjoy the series. Although release dates for both projects have not yet been announced, it is likely that in the coming months there will be new news about the TV adaptations of Shadow and Bone and Shadow and Bone: Destinies, which will expand the popular universe in new and exciting ways.