Shadow and Bone: Author of The Books Says What She Thought of The Netflix Series


Shadow and Bone: In a recent interview with Collider, Leigh Bardugo, author of the novels that served as the basis for the creation of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone series, revealed what she thought of the streaming production after its launch this week. last.

According to her, this is the first time that her writings are actually adapted. After almost falling into the hands of Dreamworks, the author felt that Netflix would be a good home for her characters.

“When we closed the deal, I said that Eric Heisserer was a big fan of the books and was very good at what he did,” she told about the process of choosing the showrunner for the project.

“Alina’s story is largely a chosen story. And the Six of Crows arose out of my curiosity related to people in this world who don’t have real blood, magic and great destinations. It seemed perfect for this series, providing these different perspectives ”, he revealed about the development of the scripts.

Shadow and Bone: learn more about Leigh Bardugo’s opinion on the Netflix series

According to the author, Netflix’s serial production managed to provide very important information to viewers, being quite complete in narrative terms and giving a good sense of the vast world presented in the plot. “I think everything is important and adds tensions to Alina’s story, making her more moving,” she said.

About the Six of Crows group, she also said that she had several conversations with Eric Heisserer to define which paths would be taken by the writers to unite the stories. “Once this was done, I felt very comfortable letting them go ahead on their own,” she said.

What did you think of the development of the Sombra e Ossos series?


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