Shaded or Graded? Chance The Rapper Tries to Decipher a Song Written by Ice Spice


Shaded or rated? Chance The Rapper has a question for Ice Spice. Dissing tracks are quite common, especially in the rap world. Although this is done in light fun or after “beef” on stage or off. The diss is made with the help of creative lyrics to cast a shadow on the target rapper, as well as to excite fans.

Ice Spice, whose real name is Isis Gaston, has released several hits such as Euphoric, No Clarity, Bikini Bottom, etc. The artist draws inspiration from female rappers such as Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. She recently released her song In Ha Mood, and now Chance The Rapper wonders if the New York artist tried to discredit him with her lyrics.

Diss or not diss? Chance the Rapper Is Confused about the New Ice Spice Song

Chance The Rapper wants to know if Ice Spice was spicy for him in her new song. Daily Loud tweeted that the Juice singer believes that Ice Spice tried to diss him in his latest song In Ha Mood. Apparently, the lyrics of the song read: “He’s a rapper, but he doesn’t have a chance.” There are words in the sentence that make up the name Chance The Rapper. He took to Instagram to tag her and ask if it was a diss or a scream. Twitteratis are trying to help him decipher along with some hilarious comments.

One fan commented that the rapper should take it as a compliment if the Bronx rapper is trying to discredit him with his lyrics. Considering that Ice Spice claimed to write her own lyrics, only she could know the truth. But most of the other fans assume that the song has nothing to do with him, and it was just a play on words.

Although one comment said that in the texts she was trying to hint that Chance the Rapper had no chance of getting her. While another suggested that the rapper refocus on his career and create new music. Prior to that, there were rumors that Drake wrote a diss about Ice Spice called Her Loss.

Do you think the vocalist of In Ha Mood wanted to make fun of the vocalist of Brain Cells? Comment on your thoughts.


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