SF9 shows its roughest side at Summer Breeze


SF9 returns to the stage with their song ‘Summer Brezze’. SF9 releases their song ‘Summer Brezze ‘, promotional song from the album ‘ 9loryUS ‘.

The male group of the agency FNC Entertainment is promoting the release of their eighth mini album called ‘ 9loryUS ‘, the boys of the group released the MV for the song ‘Summer Breeze’ , promotional track for their album .

‘Summer Breeze’ f ue posted on the channel YouTube of entertainment company FNCEnt , so far the clip comeback of SF9 has over 149,000 views and 46,000 likes.

In the ‘ Summer Breeze ‘ video , the SF9 singers and rappers demonstrated their great talents, not only in dance, but also in acting, as the clip is full of action scenes and a plot worthy of a Hollywood movie.

Young Bin, Zuho, Rowoon, Inseong, Hwiyoung, Jaeyoon, Taeyang, Dawon and Chani wore very summery and elegant looks and outfits . Some shots of the official video of SF9 were recorded outdoors, such as buildings and warehouses, while others were prepared indoors as a parking lot and a restaurant.

The ‘ Summer Breeze’ MV has subtitles in different languages, the SF9 idols wanted all their international fans to enjoy the lyrics of their new song . In the description of the video ‘ Summer Breeze ‘ you can read:

The song ‘ Summer Breeze ‘ is a house genre track with a summery vibe. The refreshing images and performances of SF9 that spend a dazzling summer day harmoniously harmonize and create an energetic stage that will blow the heat.

The tracklist of the eighth mini album ‘ 9loryUS ‘ of SF9 is composed of:

  • Summer Breeze.
  • Into The Night.
  • OK Sing.
  • All Day All Night.
  • Go High.
  • My Story My Song.

The release of the SF9 record material ‘ 9loryUS ‘ will be on July 6 and you will be able to enjoy all the songs of the male K-pop group on different digital platforms.

Check out the SF9 group’s ‘ Summer Breeze’ MV :

Hwasa recently made his comeback with the song ‘María’, the lyrics on this track speak of self-confidence and move forward despite problems or criticism. The idol reflected all his personality on his album.

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