SF9 could be planning their next comeback


Some clues would indicate that the SF9 guys are possibly preparing a comeback.

Fans have noticed very visible changes in SF9 artists, during some interactions with their fans such as live broadcasts or posts on social networks, the artists of the group appear with new looks.


The SF9 members changed the tone of their hair and some modified their haircut, this could indicate that the FNC Entertainment group will soon return to the stage with a new album and music that Fantasy will be able to enjoy.

Inseong dyed his hair black, Youngbin opted for a reddish hue, Zuho was seen with blonde mane, Jaeyoon sports a different cut and his hair is bluish black, and Taeyang prefers to keep his hair tone a secret.


The last comeback of SF9 premiered on January 5 of this year, with their first album ‘First Collection’, the group of FNC Entertainment promoted with the song ‘Good Guy’, the melody had a great reception from fans of the K-Pop.


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