SF8, the Korean sci-fi drama that you can’t miss


‘SF8’ is MBC’s new science fiction drama, the story will address technology and its impact on different stages of life through its 8 episodes.

The development of technology is growing by leaps and bounds and nowadays people can no longer see their daily routine without their smart phone or mobile device. The world has a powerful weapon in its hands.

The MBC chain was inspired by the impact of technology to develop a series, where topics such as health, love and dreams are addressed from this science. We tell you all about the drama ‘SF8’ below.

‘SF8’ is one of MBC’s most recent dramas and it is a different drama, because in each episode it will have a different plot with a different cast under the leadership of 8 directors, the genre of the series is futuristic and science fiction.


The series has 8 chapters: ‘The Prayer’, ‘Manxin’, ‘Joan’s Galaxy’, ‘Blink’, ‘Baby It’s Over Outside’, ‘White Crow’, ‘Love Virtually’ and ‘Human Proof’, where directors how Roh Deok, Kim Eui Seok, and Min Kyu Dong embodied their vision of science fiction.

One of the stars gracing the penultimate episode of the K-drama ‘SF8’ is Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, the SM Entertainment idol star in the episode ‘Love Virtually’ alongside UEE, a former member of the group After School.

The episode ‘Love Virtually’ of ‘SF8’ tells the story of Seo Min Joon, played by Siwon, a young man with a shy and unsocial personality who enters his profile in the ‘ID Love Virtually’ application, which allows users to find to his other half.

The app can deduce if the couple that is created has a future or not, if it is true love or just attraction. The character Seo Min Joon will undergo some cosmetic surgeries to win over Han Ji Woon, played by UEE.


The Korean drama ‘SF8’ is available on the Wave platform and also on the MBC television network. Tell us, what do you think of the sci-fi stories of the K-drama ‘SF8’?

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