Sexy Beasts: Creatures And Animals Seek Romance In New Netflix Reality


Sexy Beasts: That appearance can interfere when meeting a possible romantic partner, everyone already knows. But Netflix’s new reality show aims to prove that, in fact, that’s not quite the case. And in a very unusual way, by the way!

The streaming released this Wednesday (23) the trailer for Sexy Beasts. In the program, single participants go on classic blind dates to find love. But with a small detail: they must go dressed as animals and other mystical creatures, such as scarecrows and dolphins, for example.

Check out:

The idea of ​​the plot is to highlight the participants’ personalities and not the appearances. A single person will only be able to see the other person’s face when the decision has already been made. In the video, you can see the couples getting to know each other in person, but wearing accessories and makeup made by professionals, which make them totally unrecognizable.

The production is based on the British series of the same name, originally developed for the BBC Three network in 2014. The episodes will run for about half an hour and the production is directed by Sam Campbell, responsible for The Circle. The presentation will be by comedian Rob Delaney.

Sexy Beasts arrives July 21st on Netflix.


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