Sexting Scandal: Adam Levine almost Lost Behati


What awaits Adam Levine (43) and Behati Prinslu (34)? At the moment, the model is pregnant with her husband’s third child. However, in the midst of family happiness, the couple threatens to slide into a real family crisis: the Maroon 5 frontman is accused of writing obscene messages to several women and even in an affair. However, Behati doesn’t seem to have any plans to break up — and Adam seems more than grateful for that!

As the American news portal HollywoodLife has now reported with reference to an insider, Adam knows about the special situation of his wife: “The last thing he wants is for her to be stressed or excited during pregnancy.” He certainly didn’t contribute to this with his behavior: “Adam knows how close he was to losing everything, and is incredibly grateful that she didn’t leave him.”

The source continued, “He loves Behati and his kids so much, and he’s been having a real nervous breakdown for the last few days.” The idea of losing it now was unbearable for Adam, he concluded.

Do you understand that, no matter what, Behati is holding on to him?

Yes, somehow.

No, honestly no.


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