Sex Education: What we suspected of the premiere of the fourth season of the series


Sex Education season 3 is finally available to watch on Netflix, after it was first announced in early 2020. Like many other movies and TV shows that have been delayed due to the coronavirus crisis, season 3 of the series was delayed. beyond its original scheduled spring 2021 premiere date. Of course, the wait was worth it, as the third season is proving to be just as good as the previous ones.

The popular show focuses primarily on the students and staff of Moordale High School and the many gender-related obstacles they face. At the start of the series, Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), the shy student with a sex therapist mother, Jean (Gillian Anderson), opens his own sex clinic at school with his new and much more confident friend Maeve Wiley (Emma Anderson). Mackey).

With the help of his best friend Eric Effiong (Ncuti Gatwa), Otis learns to sail at school and even embarks on his own romantic relationships, all the while struggling with his attraction to Maeve. The series begins to prepare its continuity on the platform and fans are already thinking about the next future of each of the characters.

The first and second seasons of Sex Education premiered in January, which contrasts with the fall release date of the current third season. It would make sense for Sex Education season 4 to premiere in late 2022 or even January 2023, if the showrunners want to go back to their previous production schedule. We’ll have to keep an eye out for updates, but rest assured we’ll let you know once we do.

As for the real possibility of a fourth season, it’s very likely that Sex Education will continue to be on our screens for at least a couple more seasons. The series has a very high review rating among critics, and its first season reached more than 40 million viewers in its first month alone, according to official data released by Netflix a few weeks ago. With those impressive numbers, we’d be surprised if future seasons weren’t on the horizon.

On the other hand, Asa Butterfield himself spoke with a medium about his feelings about the future of the show and explained the real reasons why the series should continue on Netflix in the short term (something that fans will surely be happy to hear), but without exaggerating too much what is the final number.

“I think this is a relatively simple story… I don’t think this show will have 10 seasons. I don’t think it needs more than four or five [seasons]. But who knows, maybe someone will surprise us in the future.”