Sex Education: This is the radical change the show promises for season 4


Sex Education, the hit British-born youth drama that premiered season 3 on September 17 through the Netflix streaming platform, will return with a quarter to fan screens sometime in 2022, as the series It was quickly renovated and big changes are expected.

With season 3 of Sex Education, fans left Maeve traveling to America and Otis left alone in Moordale. If there is something that really caused discomfort in the faithful viewers of the program, it is that the drama did not finalize their love relationship as everyone expected, and now the characters will be able to experience a long-distance relationship. In the fourth installment.

The truth is that the details about the plot of season 4 of Sex Education are still protected. It is very likely that the filming will begin in early 2022 and there will be a launch for the beginning of fall, of the next wave of episodes which will be presenting some radical changes in the story.

For season 4 Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey will return as Otis and Maeve, but the big difference from the previous releases is that the series is promising a big change with this installment. In all likelihood, the youth gang will not develop their next stories at Moordale High School.

The successful Netflix series will be undergoing a transformation in season 4, as the drama hinted that apparently Moordale High School will be staying in the past of the show and from the next episodes it will not be set in the school environment, something that could have remained clear with the destruction of the clandestine sex clinic.

This symbolic fact will be driving the story of season 4 of Sex Education focused more on the characters and not on their school life. Otis experiences her own maturity, while Eric has a bow in Nigeria and Maeve focuses on obtaining a scholarship in the United States.

Another factor driving this big change for Season 4 of Sex Education is the fact that Moordale is being sold to an anonymous buyer. It may be that part of the fourth installment goes through that, with the protagonists taking different paths, definitely leaving high school in the past and with Otis and Maeve in other settings.