Sex Education: These two actors from the Netflix series fell in love in real life


When Sex Education was released in 2019, the cast was made up of several young stars who mostly interacted for the first time on the English set and who never imagined that the dynamic with each episode could arouse feelings between the actors, to the point that a parallel love story could be written off-camera.

It was no secret to anyone, because that’s how they themselves made it public, the relationship between Connor Swindells and Aimee Lou Wood, who in Sex Education give life to the characters of Adam Groff and Aimee Gibbs. Although by this date they are no longer together, they lived their union intensely while shooting the series.

Although Sex Education became popular on Netflix during the pandemic, since we were locked up for a long time and we had to invest that same time in consuming masterful and fun series like this one. Aimee and Connor’s relationship did not escape the public eye, through social networks, they shared with their fans how beautiful it is to be in love, even for a short time.

The sexual content of the series in question helped a lot for the audience to imagine and draw conclusions about this relationship between these two protagonists of Sex Education. However, when they reported that they had finished, gossip ran through the halls looking for answers as to why this story had ended.

‘‘What happened [between Connor and me] is that we spent some time apart due to work issues and we realized that maybe our relationship was not good for us. We respect each other. It was a good breakup, nothing dramatic.

After 3 complete seasons and the announcement of a fourth at the door, there are still not many details about what is to come in season 4 of Sex Education, but the truth is that it has raised the expectations of its audience that has been faithful during these years to the tune of this English series.

Although the idyll between Aimee and Connor will no longer continue, at least we will know what future awaits Maeve, who decided to go to the United States when everything seemed ready for candy in her relationship with Otis, will she return to England? We will have to wait until the launch that is expected to be between September and October of this year 2022.