Sex Education: The unexpected way in which the series reunited a father with his children


The waiting time for Sex Education and its season 4 continues, the famous British youth series that is only known will return to the screens of the Netflix platform before the year 2022 comes to an end. Meanwhile, his fans keep formulating theories about how the story will continue Otis Milburn, a socially awkward teenager because his mother is a sex therapist and his group of friends in the difficult process of becoming adults.

One of the most commented arcs of the narration of what has already been seen on the screen refers to season 3 included in the catalog of options of the famous server on September 17. Viewers found in the new episodes how the complicated relationship between Mr. Groff (Alistair Petrie) and his son Adam (Connor Swindells) is deepened, which has been described by fans as the best part of the last. delivery.

Since Sex Educatión premiered in January 2019, it immediately captured the interest of the public by standing out from the rest of the programs of its style. Although there are other series that touch on the same theme, its staging was quite an event for its unmistakable nods to the past as it follows the life of a group of students from Mooredale High School, in their struggle to discover themselves and growing up in the complicated world of adults.

Although it is true that Sex Education has an extensive and very talented cast, it is one of its adult interpreters who has attracted the most attention, Mr. Michael Groff, personified by actor Alistair Petrie, the former director of the High School Moordale, nicknamed by students as The Groffinator for his heavy hand while running the institution while serving as its headmaster.

One of the most curious anecdotes that surrounds Petrie’s participation in Sex Education refers to his relationship with his son in fiction and the unsuspected backstage of the participation of his real children in the production of the famous youth drama . While it is true that with Connor Swindells who plays Adam they are only united by great chemistry on screen as father and son, the truth is that few knew that his real children also appeared in the third season.

Cal and Brodie Petrie are the names of the twin sons of Alistair Petrie and were seen on screen in episode 5 of season 3 of the Netflix show, when the Moordale student gang makes a trip to France to learn more about the story. of the first world war. At the time of the recordings, both were 18 years old and in real life they have an older brother named Agnus, all three are the product of the artist’s marriage to actress Lucy Scott.