Sex Education Season 4: Asa Butterfield spoke about the end of the Netflix drama


Sex Education, the successful youth drama that premiered in January 2019 through the Netflix streaming platform, launched season 3 last September, presenting a twist at the end of the installment that left viewers stunned. An unexpected breakup in the wake of the Moordale School closure has sparked a wave of anxiety in the audience that has everyone waiting for details of what’s to come.

It should be clear that Sex Education fans have not received any information about season 4 of the youth drama. After the release of the most recent episodes, it was only learned that Netflix renewed the series for the fourth installment and that its cast would be joined by a couple of trans characters. Also, the comments of the actress Aimee Lou Wood generated rumors about the end of the series.

It turns out the Sex Education star was all about the practicalities of the show’s actors approaching 30 and still playing teenagers. With the statements, many fans began to think that season 4 of the Netflix series could be the last.

However, the lead star who plays Otis Milbur on Sex Education, Asa Butterfield, admitted in a recent interview with the Radio Times that he is in no rush to finish the series he stars in. Likewise, he added that he and the rest of the cast do not know what plans the production team has for the future of the Netflix series.

“I don’t know how long they’ll want us to go on. I know nobody wants it to last forever because it’s a coming of age story and people eventually have to come of age.”

“You can’t keep coming of age because then where’s the ending? Where’s the resolution? So ‘I don’t know’ is my answer. We’ll just have to wait and see. I love the show and everyone involved.” in it – the cast and crew – and we had a lot of fun. So I’m having a great time and I’m not in a hurry to leave.”

The truth is that it is not known if season 4 will really be the last of Sex Education. We will only have to wait for what Netflix decides to find out. Meanwhile, the upcoming episodes of the teen drama have not started filming. According to Butterfield, they are expected to go into production in the summer of this year, which means an early 2023 release.

Season 3 of Sex Education was left with Jean giving birth to her child and the revelation about her father. Maeve goes to study abroad, leaving Otis heartbroken; the school has been sold to developers, which means everyone is going to be divided up and sent to different schools. With all this, the fourth installment will be very dramatic and exciting.