Sex Education season 2: an alternative ending revealed!


Sex Education season 2 has been available for several days on Netflix. The end of this season should have been very different!

A few days ago, Netflix released the new episodes of Sex Education. The season 2 finale should have been very different for Maeve and Otis. Attention, the article contains spoilers!

For several days, the sex therapy cabinet has reopened its doors at the Lycée de Moordale. Indeed, Netflix has posted the new episodes of Sex Education . As a reminder, in the first season, Otis and Maeve teamed up to open a sex therapy office for their classmates. The two young men were giving advice to their friends on sex and it was paying off.

Besides, over the episodes, Maeve had feelings for Otis. The young woman, however, saw that Otis was on another high school student. So, Maeve and Otis have been turning around since the start of the series but they never manage to admit their feelings. So fans of Sex Education were sad to see the finale of season 2. And for good reason, Maeve and Otis still missed their love story.

In the finale of Sex Education season 2 , Otis goes to Maeve’s house to apologize and tell him to listen to his messages. However, the young man falls on Isaac and it is the young man who listens to Maeve’s messages. Thus, the young woman could not hear what Otis was saying to her and she will never know that he has feelings for her. Nevertheless, according to Ben Taylor, the director, the ending should have been different. And for good reason, Otis and Maeve were talking and they were reconciling.

Ben Taylor spoke about the new season of Sex Education. So, he admitted that the last episode should have taken a different turn. Maeve and Otis should have forgiven each other at the end of the season and they could even have dated. ” I asked them to smile as if they had just seen each other,” he said. However, the end has been revised to leave a little more suspense to the fans. So, Maeve and Otis are not ready to go out together and we will have to wait…


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