Sex Education: Otis House Can Be Rented


Sex Education: Located in Wye Valley, right on the border of Wales and England, the comfortable home of Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Jean Milburn (Gillian Anderson), in the Sex Education series, from Netflix, impresses for its size and also for its decoration .

The good news is that the environment was not just built for production, it exists in real life as well, and can even be rented by anyone interested in spending time there.

However, the Milburn residence can only serve as a temporary facility. In this sense, to be able to sleep in the place, it is necessary to spend around £2,995.00 (something around R$ 22 thousand), equivalent to a minimum of four days of accommodation.

In some ways, the house serves as an excellent resting option for the holidays, even more so with all the possibilities that have already been shown throughout the episodes of the three seasons of the Netflix series. It is worth noting, in this sense, that the view that the characters have from all the rooms is breathtaking, especially due to the direct contact with nature.

The location, known as “The Chalet”, consists of four extremely spacious and colorful rooms. The occupancy capacity holds up to ten people, taking into account all the other environments in the residence, which has decks, patio, garden and fireplace.

Sex Education: Learn about the Netflix Teen Series

Filled with interesting and engaging characters, Sex Education takes on the everyday life of an average student at Moordale Secondary School. However, Otis was raised by a sex therapist and, from a very young age, has not created any taboos regarding sex, except for the fact that some traumas related to the subject still exist in his life.

While helping his peers to overcome some sexual barriers, the young man gets involved with Maeve (Emma Mackey) in a somewhat clandestine clinic in the school environment.

Season 3 of the series even hit Netflix last week, adding major conflicts to the narrative of all these teenagers. Be sure to marathon!


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