Sex Education: Gillian Anderson’s amazing reaction to screenplay reading!

Season 2 of Sex education is available on Netflix. Gillian Anderson did not believe in the potential of the series at all!

Sex Education is a huge success on Netflix and fans can finally watch season 2. Gillian Anderson did not believe in the potential of the series when she read the script!

Since January 17, fans of Sex Education can see season 2. As a reminder, the series highlights Otis, a shy young man who meets Maeve. They decide to set up a sex therapy office and take inspiration from the advice of Otis’ mother. The two young men answer questions from their classmates about sex. Suffice to say, the series turns mainly to teens but it is a hit!

Sex Education highlights many topics around sexuality. Thus, in this season, it is about staging consent as well as talking about STDs like chlamydia. The new season is already a big success and Gillian Anderson is the first to be surprised. And for good reason, the actress who plays the mother of Otis did not believe in the potential of the series and she had a funny reaction when reading the script.

Gillian Anderson plays Jean in Sex Education and she is a sexologist. The actress did not think the series would be as successful. Besides, when she read the script of the first episodes, she had a funny reaction. “I don’t really know if I have thought about the future. When I read it for the first time, it didn’t really speak to me. I sort of put it in the trash. ” She said in The One Show . Thus, we suspect that the actress has long hesitated before agreeing to play the mother of Otis.

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Finally, Gillian Anderson reread the script and she understood its potential. The actress especially saw that the series could talk about sexuality to young audiences and that it was full of good feelings. Therefore, she wanted to give Sex Education a chance and she was right! ” Once I reread it, I found it incredibly hilarious and understood what they were looking for. One of the most important elements of the series is that it made it possible to have conversations about sex. But what I also like is that she has so much heart and she deals with very difficult questions about what adolescents and families are going through. ”she confessed. Thus, the star should not regret having given Sex Education a chance since the series has a huge success.



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