Sex Education: For this unfortunate reason the youth drama will soon come to an end


Sex Education has filled us with fun, tears and many reflections throughout its dramatic history, until now, three seasons are available on Netflix screens, however, despite the large audience it has, we may be nearing the end of it.

As we will remember, in the third season of Sex Education the future of Moordale was in the balance, and in addition, the interpreter actress of Aimee Gibbs, Aimee Lou Wood spoke very closely about the end of the drama, which left an entire community dismayed .

The young actress stressed that at some point Sex Education would have to come to an end, since “she is quickly approaching 30”. As we know, Aimee Lou Wood is currently 26 years old, and it seems that her appearance is what worries her as the drama focuses on the lives of young students.

“It’s going to have to come to an end, which is sad, but I also feel like you always have to leave them wanting more.”

Aimee recognized that the program could follow her students in college, however, she did not like this idea at all, since she would hate to be 45 years old and to be playing this young woman in Sex Education. According to her thoughts, it is better to end “on high”, until the viewers wish to end the series.

At the moment, Aimee Lou Wood does not know how the long-awaited fourth season of Sex Education could unfold, and in addition, she stated that she is confused about how the show will be directed in this new and expected next season.

Although Wood claimed that she obviously knows a few things about her character, the truth is that she doesn’t “know much.” However, she made it clear that she felt the characters really blossomed in season three, and she hopes they will continue to do so in future installments.

Another of Aimee Lou Wood’s wishes in these revelations was “to see them more outside of school and in their own lives.” It was in September of last year when this third installment premiered, and although Netflix has obviously already confirmed its fourth season, it still no more is known about the new one that is coming.