Sex And The City: Reveal Why Kim Cattrall initially rejected the role of Samantha


Fans of Sex and the City are still heartbroken by the absence of Kim Cattrall in the 2021 reboot, And Just Like That. They feel that without it, it won’t work like the series and the two movies. However, fans were waiting for the actress’s decision following the explosion of her enmity with the show’s star Sarah Jessica Parker in 2017. In the past decade, there have also been rumors about the Mannequin star’s demand for a pay increase.

Sarah Jessica Parker earned $ 3.2 million per episode, while Kim Cattrall only made $ 350,000 per episode despite winning multiple awards for her performance as the iconic sex goddess, Samantha Jones. She reportedly asked to receive close to $ 1 million per episode, but was denied, hence the planned seventh season cancellation. These bargaining problems were also said to have delayed the filming of the first film.

It’s hard to imagine someone else playing the role of Samantha Jones, and that’s why Kim Cattrall was the first choice for Sex and the City casting directors Ellie Kanner and Russell Gray. Ironically, the actress was the last to join the cast since she turned down the role five times. According to Kanner and Gray, “she didn’t like him.” The Filthy Rich star later admitted that it was because she “was practicing age discrimination” on herself.

“I just felt like the comedy wouldn’t work,” she explained. “I wondered if this was how women spoke and if this sexual voracity was a positive role model.”

Kim Cattrall was also reluctant for Samantha to be a mother at one point, as was originally written in the script. 12-13 weeks after several failed attempts to cast her, Cattrall finally decided to have coffee with Sex and the City writer Darren Star. She then agreed to do a one-time reading with HBO. The main reason? The production agreed that Samantha would never have children.

“They finally said they would cut that part and I agreed.”

Despite not wanting to reprise her role, Kim Cattrall has fond memories of her role in Sex and the City. However, the actress said that playing such a sensual character was not so good for her love life. Perhaps the reason that led her to say no to the sequel?