Severide, in memory of Mackey the Leslie Shay


One Chicago’s popular NBC and world series Chicago Fire has kicked off its season 9 premiere full of heartbreaks and heartbreak. But, there is an emotional scene between Severide and Mackey where she shows her the tribute to one of the characters who passed away a few years ago, Leslie Elizabeth Shay.

Chicago Fire fans continue to regard Leslie Shay as one of the nicest characters on the NBC show to date. But sadly Shay said goodbye to the fire action series causing a huge impact on fans at the end of season 2.

Let’s remember that Shay was a member of FireHouse 51, a paramedic who was working in Ambulance 61, but unfortunately died.

Now with the entry of the new character of Gianna Mackey, Severide takes the opportunity to tell her about Shay and show her the tribute recorded in Ambulance 61. Watch it here.

“She was part of the team at this fire station.”

Although Leslie Shay is not in the series, her presence is still felt in Ambulance 61, but, it seems that that will change for this season with the tragic accident that occurred in the final episode of season 9 of Chicago Fire.

The third episode of season 9 of Chicago Fire will be broadcast on November 25.

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