Severe injury: Julian Engels has a meniscus tear


Julian Engels (29) suffers a serious setback. In general, the 29-year—old could hardly be happier: his relationship with Sarah Engels (29) is going great – they don’t stop saying how much they love each other. However, now the former professional footballer had to suffer a serious setback: Julian was seriously injured in his first match in a long time.

He shared an emotional post on Instagram. About the photos in which he is captured at a football match, he wrote: “Just hit a little bit — and it could be so great. More than two years later, I returned to the field for the first time after a cruciate ligament injury at a football match. the weekend, and it was a lot of fun.” However, everything did not go as planned: “But now another operation is coming — I have an internal meniscus torn off, a few more months of rehabilitation, physio, I’ll lift my leg, a disaster!” — Julian explained dejectedly.

Sarah is also next to her lover. “The next obstacle we will overcome is another operation, I am and I will stay by your side,” she promised him in her Instagram story. She also encouraged Julian: “Cheer up and let’s go! I learned it from you!”


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