Severance: Adam Scott talks about Inni Mark’s reaction to his wife’s photo


Severance star Adam Scott discusses Inni Mark’s reaction to a photo of his wife. The noteworthy Severance series on Apple TV+ has largely built its viral value on big secrets and big revelations. And no moment was more crushing than Inni Mark’s revelation of the truth about his wife in the final episode of “We Are.”

Viewers, of course, knew the truth about Auty Mark’s supposedly dead wife Gemma—that she hadn’t actually died and was living on the severance pay floor as Miss Casey’s healthy lifestyle consultant—starting with episode 7. But Inni Mark didn’t find out about it. the full truth until the very tense final moments of episode 9, when he and his colleagues Helly and Irving experienced the outside world for the first time thanks to their covert capture of Lumon’s overtime. Unfortunately, this was the end of the revelations, as Milchik grabbed Dylan and canceled unforeseen circumstances, waking up Mark Auty just at the moment when his inni was telling Devon the truth about Gemma.

Outie Mark will no doubt be shocked when, at some point in the second season of Severance, he finds out that his wife is alive and is actually being held captive by Lumon. For his part, Inni Mark was stunned to see the whole truth put together as he looked at his wedding photo and Gemma’s photo during the thrilling climax of the first season finale. In a conversation with Variety, Scott talked about Inni Mark’s feelings at that moment and how his discovery of Lumon’s terrifying deception pushed him even further to losing all faith in his own reality.:

I think that for Inni Mark, despite the fact that his views and relationships with this company have changed over the first season, this is a step that he never imagined they would take. Everything is falling apart, and seeing this photo is more than he could have imagined.

Of course, the first season of Severance is in many ways the path of Inni Mark, who turns from a naively loyal employee of the company into a skeptical doubter. But his discovery that Lumon apparently faked Gemma’s death, gave her an entirely new identity, and imprisoned her on severance pay certainly raises the stakes for the evil he believes the company is hiding. Scott himself has now confirmed that Inni Mark really completely destroyed his perception of Lumon the moment he discovered a photo of him and Gemma at their wedding and put it all together.

Obviously, in the second season of Severance, we will have to delve into the consequences of the discovery of not only Inni Mark, but also the discovery of Helly, whose appearance turned out to be the daughter of Lumon CEO Jayme Egan. Of course, you can’t just go back to the state they were in for most of the first season, when Mark, Helly, Dylan and Irving were idling at their jobs in Lumona, from time to time venturing to make discoveries about goats. For their part, Lumon faced a very serious crisis situation after three of their cut-off workers went out into the outside world and began to learn more than they ever should have known about their real lives. But, of course, Lumon would never cancel the severance program, which means that they will undoubtedly do everything possible to return everything to what it was before Inni Mark made his devastating discovery in the finale of the first season of “The Gap.”