SEVENTEEN’s Woozi makes it big with his Ruby mixtape around the world


SEVENTEEN continues to surprise CARAT and this time Woozi’s mixtape was in charge of conquering everyone with his music, which is why he shone with his success in different parts of the planet.

The most recent release within this musical group was precisely Ruby, a long-awaited premiere by Woozi that over the course of several weeks moved us with teasers and previews of what the song would be.

It is a mixtape written by him and also his first song entirely in English, so the expectations to hear the talent of this SEVENTEEN member did not stop growing at all times.

When the single and the MV were released, the support for this boy was present, but the melody had a great reception and for that reason, little by little Woozi climbed the iTunes charts reaching great achievements.


Ruby is available through multiple musical platforms and, within iTunes, the track won the affection of fans who did not hesitate to buy this track. It was thus that Woozi managed to position himself at the top of the charts within a long list of countries.

In all, Ruby reached the top spot in 18 different regions, including Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, the Philippines, Indonesia, and more.

Similarly, the SEVENTEEN member’s track debuted at number 3 on iTunes on the world song chart, making the success of this release very clear.


While the multiple number 1s were a great achievement for Woozi and CARAT, it is not the only thing that the idol should be proud of, as in addition, Ruby reached the highest positions for a SEVENTEEN track in some countries such as Italy and Spain.

In the first of them, Ruby became the first song of the group to enter the Top 40 hit list on iTunes, while in Spain, it became the song that has risen higher in the charts reaching the seventh position.

If you still haven’t seen Woozi’s MV, here we tell you what was the best thing that Ruby left us, find out the details.